General Delegates Registration Form

For official use of the authorized agents only!

Prior to registering, please make sure you have collected required information about the delegate:

  • First, Middle, Last Name;
  • Full address
  • At least one phone number
  • An email address
  • Dates of background check and Virtus training; (if Virtus training is scheduled for upcoming months, please include the date when the training is scheduled)
  • Age of the delegate.
  • (Optional) A picture of the Delegate for ID badge.  If you have it in electronic version (jpg, tiff, png) please use “Attachment” link on the form.  Otherwise you may mail it to the Diocesan Synod Office at Catholic Center with the name and address for identification purposes.  Passport or similar photo is acceptable.

When ready, please click on the link below:

General Delegates Online Registration Form